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Essential chronology

Ancient Greek and Roman chronology
Famous peopleYearImportant Events
776 B.C.First Olympiad
494 B.C.Battle of Lade
490 B.C.Battle of Marathon
480 B.C.Battles of Thermopylae, Salamis
479 B.C.Battles of Plataea, Mycale
469 B.C.Battles of Eurymedon
431 B.C.Starting of the Peoloponnesian war
415 B.C.Start of the Athenian expedtion in Sicily
413 B.C.End of the Athenian expedtion in Sicily
406 B.C.Battle of Ephesus/Notium
406 B.C.Battle of Arginusae
405 B.C.Battle of Aegospotami
404 B.C.Ending of the Peoloponnesian war
401 B.C.Battle of Cunaxa
Death of Socrates399 B.C.
Death of Lysander395 B.C.
394 B.C.Battle of Cnidus
371 B.C.Battle of Leuctra
362 B.C.Battle of Mantinea
Death of Agesilaus II360 B.C.
338 B.C.Battle of Chaeronea
Death of Philip II of Macedon336 B.C.
334 B.C.Battle of the Granicus
333 B.C.Battle of Issus
331 B.C.Battle of Gaugamela
326 B.C.Battle of the Hydaspes River
Death of Alexander the Great323 B.C.
D. of Aristotle and Demosthenes322 B.C.
D. of Antipater319 B.C.
D.of Antigonus I Monophthalmus301 B.C.
Death of Cassander297 B.C.
D. of Demetrius I Poliorcetes
and Ptolemy I Soter I
283 B.C.
D. of Lysimachus281 B.C.
D. of Demetrius Phalereus280 B.C.
279 B.C.Battle of Asculum
279 B.C.Battle of Beneventum
264 B.C.Starting of the First Punic War
241 B.C.Ending of the First Punic War
D. of Antigonus II Gonatas239 B.C.
218 B.C.Battle of the Trebia
217 B.C.Battle of Lake Trasimene
216 B.C.Battle of Cannae
207 B.C.Battle of the Metaurus
202 B.C.Battle of Zama
197 B.C.Battle of Cynoscephalae
190 B.C.Battle of Magnesia
168 B.C.Battle of Pydna
146 B.C.Destruction of Carthage and Corinth
133 B.C.Destruction of Numantia
102 B.C.Battle of Aquae Sextiae
101 B.C.Battle of Vercellae
Death of G.Marius086 B.C.
085 B.C.Battle of Orchomenus
Death of C.Sulla078 B.C.
Death of Sertorius072 B.C.
Death of Spartacus071 B.C.
Death of L.S. Catilina062 B.C.
058 B.C.Caesar starts the Gallic War
Death of Pompeius Magnus048 B.C.Battle of Pharsalus
046 B.C.Battle of Thapsus
045 B.C.Battle of Munda
Death of Julius Caesar044 B.C.
Death of Cicero043 B.C.
031 B.C.Battle of Actium
Death of Marcus Antonius030 A.D.
009 A.D.Battle of the Teutoburg
Death of Augustus014 A.D.
Death of Tiberius031 A.D.
Death of Caligula041 A.D.
Death of Claudius054 A.D.
Death of Nero068 A.D.
Deaths of Galba, Otho,
069 A.D.Battles of Bedriacum
Death of Vespasianus079 A.D.
Death of Titus081 A.D.
Death of Domitianus096 A.D.
529 A.D.Justinian I closes the Platonic Academy.