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Face proportions

Basic face proportions
  • The eyes are placed (E) nearly in the middle of the distance between the top of the head (T) and the base of the chin (C).
  • The face can be roughly divided into three equal bands,starting from the joint of the hair (H) with separations at the forehead (F) and the base of the nose (N) ,ending with the chin (C).
  • The base of the inferior lip (L) is nearly at half the distance between the base of the nose (N) and that of the chin (C).
  • The distance between the eyes is almost equal to an eye.

Face planes

Face planes

The overall basic form of the face is a square;in red there are highlighted the principal planes of the face (plus the forehead plane).
These are also useful to guide the plane drawing of the face.

Face grid

Face grid

Another modulus to build the face make use of half the distance between the centers of the pupils.

Face Squares

Approximate squares of the face

The main squares of the face.Green:the maximum breadth of the face is the length of the side,the lower side of the square is at the chin height.Red:the distance between the external conners of the eyes is the length of the side,the upper side is at the eyes height.

Body proportions

Basic Body Proportions
  • By the Leonard's canon the total height (H) is 8 times the measure of the head (E),and the pubes (P) is at the center of the body,at an height of 4 E .So the total trunk lenght is equal to the legs lenght. The shoulder's width of the body is approximately 2 E.
  • By the classical proportions the width of the head (C) is 2/3 E.
  • The waist ( and the navel N ) is placed at an height of 5 E from the base,with a width of 2 C (i.e. 4/3 E).
  • The maximum breadth with open arms is nearly equal to the total height H .Is the Vitruvian man : "homo ad quadratum".
  • The sternum (S) is nearly located at a distance of 2 C from the top of the head.